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LLQP / A&S Only / Life Licence Qualification Program / Accident & Sickness / Insurance Training

A&S Course (Common Law)

SKU: LLQP-4235-2

Price $225.00 CAD $225.00 CAD
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What’s Included When You Purchase This Program

  • Learning Format: Engage with our dynamic course delivery through self-paced online modules, video-based lessons and learning activities catering to all learning styles. 
  • Core Learning Materials: Dive into the essentials of Accident & Sickness insurance with our expertly designed course modules that cover all necessary topics.
  • Course Modules: Our curriculum includes structured modules that are critical for mastering the field of Accident & Sickness insurance. 
  • Mock Exams: Test your readiness with mock exams that simulate the real certification test environment.
    Each module has it’s own Mock exam, structured as follows:  
    • Approx 20-30 multiple-choice questions.
    • 100 attempts allowed per module.
    • Each attempt must be completed within a 75-minute timeframe.
    • The pass mark is set at 70%. 


Certification Exam

Certification Exam Requirement: The certification exam is an integral part of our course, included in your enrollment and essential for obtaining your professional license.

  • Certification Exam Overview:  Each module has its own Certification exam, structured as follows: 
    • Approx 20-30 multiple-choice questions.
    • Maximum of 4 attempts allowed. 
    • Each attempt must be completed within a 75-minute timeframe.  
    • The passing grade is set at 60%. 
  • Exam Attempts and Rewrites: Each module in the course culminates in a certification exam, with four attempts allowed per exam over a one-year period.
    Important! A course retake is required after four unsuccessful attempts at any module, in line with CISRO/OCRA regulations. 
  • Role in Professional Licensing: Successfully passing these exams qualifies you to register for the provincial licensing exam, enabling you to practice as a licensed Accident & Sickness insurance agent.


Licensing Pathway

  • Certification to Licensing: After passing the certification exam, you are eligible to apply for the provincial licensing exam. This step is crucial as it allows you to officially practice as a licensed insurance agent. 
  • Professional Application: We guide you through the application process for the professional license, including any interactions with regulatory bodies. 


Enroll Now

Prepare to protect and serve with confidence in the Accident & Sickness insurance field by enrolling in our comprehensive A&S course today. Take the next step towards your career by enrolling here or contacting us for more details.

This Bundle Includes
1. Introduction to LLQP

$1,000.00 CAD
2A. Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law) Module

$1,000.00 CAD
2B. Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law) - Certification Exam

$1,000.00 CAD
3A. Accident and Sickness Module

$1,000.00 CAD
3B. Accident and Sickness Module - Certification Exam

$1,000.00 CAD
6. Life Insurance Taxation Principles Module

$1,000.00 CAD