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Top Up Course + ILTx

Want to top up your A&S license to a full LLQP license? This is the course for you. Take the remaining course modules in the LLQP program and get prepared to write your licensing exam with confidence. The Top Up course eliminates repetition and re-work of the modules you’ve already learned, and only focuses on new material. Get your full LLQP certification at a great low price!

The ILTx version of the Top Up course includes live, instructor-led webinars to help you better integrate the course information. You’ll get live, small-group instruction and real-time answers from an expert instructor.

$430.00 CAD

  • 100% online course
  • Includes live instructor-led webinars
  • Valid in all Canadian jurisdictions except Quebec
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Additional Course Information

LLQP / Life Licence Qualification Program / Insurance Training / Live Instruction

SKU: LLQP-4235-6

If you’re a licensed professional for Accident & Sickness (A&S) insurance, you are familiar with the licensing process. Perhaps you would like to expand your knowledge and advise Canadians on insurance products that provide peace of mind and financial security for their loved ones.

You’ve already completed the Accident & Sickness program, and you’ll receive credit for those courses for the Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) course curriculum.

Successful completion of the remaining course components, including certification exams, enables you to write the provincial licensing exam and apply for a life insurance license in any Canadian jurisdiction except Quebec.

There are 100 attempts for each Mock Exam and 4 attempts for each Module Certification Exam. Students will have one year from registration to complete their Certification Exams. Please note as per CISRO/OCRA rules after a failed fourth attempt of any module, a student must retake the course.

In the ILTX version of the Top Up course, you’ll also receive two great days of live instruction!

What's Included?

  • Two Days of Live Webinar Instruction
  • Recorded Webinars & Videos for Further Review
  • Electronic Textbooks
  • Learning Activities & Mock Exams
  • Certification Exams

What's Included

1. Introduction to LLQP

$1,000.00 CAD

4A. Segregated Funds & Annuities Module

$1,000.00 CAD

4B. Segregated Funds & Annuities Module - Certification Exam

$1,000.00 CAD

5A. Life Insurance Module

$1,000.00 CAD

5B. Life Insurance - Certification Exam

$1,000.00 CAD

6. Life Insurance Taxation Principles Module

$1,000.00 CAD

LLQP ILTx Webinar (Live Instruction)

$350.00 CAD

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