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QAFP / Qualified Associate Financial Planner / Financial Planning Training

QAFP (Qualified Associate Financial Planner)™ Full Course

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The BCC Core Curriculum is an FP Canada-approved foundation course for students pursuing their Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ (QAFP™) certification or Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) certification.

The Core Curriculum gives you the technical knowledge financial planners require for their careers. It provides the building blocks, blueprints, and tools you need to construct financial plans for Canadians.

The BCC Core Curriculum will introduce you to 7 new “clients,” each with a unique—but familiar—situation. As you work through the sections of the curriculum, you’ll learn to apply the content in the course material to these realistic case study scenarios.

The online resources give you a variety of approaches to your studies:

  • Instructors, graders, and student advisors provide support.
  • Electronic textbooks are supported by recorded instruction or optional live instruction.
  • Access video playlists and forums with instructor participation.
  • Receive feedback-based assignments and quizzes.