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Digital asset education for financial organizations

Decentralized finance and digital asset adoption are on the rise. Is your team ready?

Cut through crypto complexity. Upskill your team with top-tier digital asset education — so your organization remains the first and most-trusted source for financial solutions and advice.

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Widespread crypto adoption is coming.2 And Canada is leading the way.3

Advisors are already being asked about crypto and Decentrallized Finance (DeFi). And they need solutions and advice from financial institutions like yours.

  • Investors managing their own digital assets need advisors with crypto expertise to help them make informed decisions. And protect their wealth.
  • Clients require estate planners and executors who understand digital wallets and custody to secure and transfer their crypto wealth.
  • Investors need tax and accounting professionals who understand cryptocurrency taxation — especially with the CRA increasing scrutiny on digital asset transactions.


The Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA)

An essential designation to equip your team with foundational knowledge and skills needed to lead in the evolving DeFi landscape.


Build DeFi
Knowledge + Skills

Train your advisors to effectively plan, manage, and advise on digital asset investments.

DeFi advice enables your organization to build trust and loyalty among clients looking to explore emerging investment opportunities.


Increase Relevancy 
+ Readiness

Get your team ready to tap into the growing interest in digital assets.

Having a well-trained team of advisors means your organization can quickly adjust to market trends. And always stay relevant and ready.


Mitigate Risk
+ Maximize Rewards

Education for advisors is key as DeFi regulations evolve.

With their digital asset proficiency, your advisors can better protect your clients. And position your organization for effortless and effective compliance.


Many investors are already leaning into digital assets.
Can your advisors afford not to?

Canadians expect your team
to speak crypto 

As client exposure to digital assets increases, digital asset advice becomes more critical to client retention. 

If your advisors aren’t equipped to advise them, clients will need to find someone who can.

Get your team crypto-fluent so they’re ready to advise your current clients and the next wave of digital asset adopters. 


The great wealth transfer is underway

Trillions of dollars are being passed down to Millennials and Gen Z — a highly digital savvy generation.

Many of them are crypto-curious. Or already invested.

Some are wary of traditional finance. And are ready to take their wealth wherever they can get the best advice.

Get your organization ready to meet their needs. And perfectly position your team as trusted partners. Today and tomorrow.


I have been a financial advisor for a long time. Over the years, more and more clients have asked about crypto and digital assets. I spent a significant amount of time looking for a course or certification to provide me with the knowledge I need to have productive conversations with clients. And CDAA was the only course I felt comfortable trying out. I have gone from a little knowledge of the crypto world to being the go-to person for clients, family, and friends.

Jeremy Russell
Columbia Advisory Partners


Build a future-ready organization. Effortlessly.

Our comprehensive learning solutions and capabilities power your bespoke solution for DeFi and digital asset training.  



online education

All programs fit any schedule and adapt to any platform

You and your team are busy. That's why we designed CDAA to be as easy as possible for everyone to get started.

Everything is online so your team can learn anytime. Access a fully hosted experience on our platform, or port our programming to yours.


VIP support

Ongoing access to industry experts and a growing DeFi community

DeFi is constantly changing, with new trends and shifts happening quickly.

Ongoing support ensures your advisors stay updated on evolving digital asset trends — without diverting their focus from core responsibilities.


custom for you

Programs are tailored to your needs and foster professional development

We tailor the program to your organization's specific requirements to minimize disruptions to workflow.

Custom options available include in-house support, branded learning platform, and tailored assessment.

Set your team up for success in the new DeFi landscape

Upskill your advisors. Reinforce client trust. And boost your organization’s credibility.

  • Set the standard for DeFi in Canada
  • Respond effectively to market demand
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Attract and retain investors
  • Bridge TradFi and DeFi knowledge gaps
  • Navigate DeFi with ease
  • Future-proof your organization
  • Say goodbye to crypto overwhelm


Get VIP access to our industry experts.
And see how your team can get started on their path to becoming certified digital asset advisors.

We’re offering one-on-one DeFi consultations. We want to know what your organization needs, and we’ll help you set the stage with direct access to our DeFi experts. Whether you want to explore DeFi implications for compliance, policy, innovation or anywhere in between, we’re here to help.
Let’s start the conversation.

A joint initiative by industry leaders in financial services education